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The obligation to protect personal data (PDP) resides in the provisions of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR (EU) 2016/679) which replaces Law no. 677 of 21 November 2001 (* updated *) for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Our company offers you an integrated package of consulting, training and implementation of the measures provided in the GDRP which can be accessed in full or in part depending on the needs and resources of your organization.

This package covers:

  • Organizational and personnel analysis
  • Information system analysis - identification of personal data flows (electronic and paper)
  • Physical security assessment
  • Document security assessment
  • Security assessment of IT&C systems (hardware, OS, specific applications)
  • Proposals for risk control measures (security)
  • Implement security measures
  • PDP course for managers, data protection officers (RDPs) and staff working directly with personal data
  • Assistance or preparation of specific documents
  • DPO / RPD outsourced based on a confidentiality agreement

In baza unor informatii minimale care pot fi transmise dupa completarea chestionarului de mai jos sau pot fi culese direct la sediul organizatiei Dumneavoastra va putem face o oferta personalizata care sa corespunda profilului organizatiei.

Chestionar initial

Nume organizatie _______________________________

1Cod CAEN 
2Sunteti operator de date cu caracter personalDa             Nu
3Aveti un RPDDa             Nu
4Aveti un Manager de securitateDa             Nu
5Personal total/sediu social/puncte de lucru 
6Numar de inregistrari date personale 
7Aveti analiza de risc la securitate fizica efectuataDa             Nu
8Aveti un responsabil cu protectia documentelorDa             Nu
9Ati facut pana acum un audit de securitate informaticaDa             Nu
10Numar servere 
11Numar calculatoare 
12Serviciul de mail si gazduire web site este externalizatDa             Nu
13Aveti un plan de Business Continuity/Disaster RecoveryDa             Nu
14Ati inceput implementarea GDPRDa             Nu
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